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Project Management

ELM Performance is also dedicated in working with partners to develop bespoke, nurturing and encouraging music projects for children in London.

Since January 2016, Pauline Mallam (ELM director) works part-time with Newham Music, the leading music Hub for the borough of Newham.       

As an Education Support Officer, she is part of The Newham Grooves, Jam! Project and Studio Sessions.

With Newham Grooves, she helps build after-school music programmes in 66 primary schools and a few secondary schools by starting beginner choirs, orchestras and ensembles. The aim is to build bridges between Y5, Y6 and Y7 so pupils carry on music after Primary school. Because they receive solid music education in schools, they acquire extra music skills by joining an ensemble: rhythm, being part of a section, listening to others, but also creative composing and skills.

The skills required to be Project Manager and Education Support Officer are organisation, strong knowledge of the school system and evaluation tools.

With Jam!, the aim is to establish bespoke music classes for children on the spectrum of Autism, within schools. At the moment, Newham Music works with one primary and two secondaries, in partnership with Drake Music and the London Symphony Orchestra. This beautiful project is funded by Youth Music. The last figures of mental illness are important to know: 3 pupils in each classroom in the UK has been diagnosed with a mental illness (which can include anxiety, autism, adhd, eating disorders….). It is also shown that the Arts play a great role in helping young people with depression and other mental illnesses, so working in that direction is an honor and needs to be continued.

With Studio Sessions, Newham Music wants to reach young people who are at risk of exclusion, by offering free music sessions in community centres. They can access ipads, recording equipment, songwriting and beat-making tools, all supervised by professionals.

The skills required to be Project Manager and Education Support Officer are organisation, strong knowledge of the school system and your area’s demographic, and evaluation tools.

Past project:

Newham Philharmonic, Feeling Music.

Social Media Management

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Classical Music has always been a passion of ELM Performance, and we are proud to be working with the website and platform Classical Events.

Pauline posts concerts on Facebook and Twitter every day, to help promote classical music concerts all over the UK.

From big events to small town choirs, every concert logged into the website will appear on Classical Events FB page and Twitter.